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Bootstrapping Farmgirl Flowers has been the most rewarding and the most difficult thing I've ever done. With any endeavor I think it's easy to focus on the successes - the growth, the recognition, the not running out of money (which is the biggest success of all!). The most important thing I've done though since starting this company is to learn to bounce back. There are millions of things that can knock you down in a given day, and most of them you never even see coming. All of the lessons (and humility!) learned from these obstacles don't mean a thing though if you don't get back up - and get back up again.

What's the secret to the bounce back? An amazing team and family and friends help, but in my experience, it comes down to cold, hard grit. The dictionary defines grit as an "indomitable spirit". For me, that looks like being covered in dirt and eucalyptus sap, running on a few hours of sleep (and too many lattes) and going from a day full of meetings to a night full of networking events to an inbox full of emails and tasks that need to get done. Then it's turning around again to do it all over again the next day and thousands of days after.

I know I'm not the only one out there with a grind. For as many people as there are there is an equal amount of personal "Everests" that need summiting. I created this pin as a gift for everyone for those struggling to find their own grit. Hint: it's right there on your lapel.

xx, Christina & The Farmgirl Team



Pin card is 3x5 and comes with our crafted story on the back!

Pin and card come sealed in a poly sleeve

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